How Security Window Film Adds Security.

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Glass windows and doors are a norm in modern architecture. They allow natural light in and open up small spaces. Unfortunately, glass can be easily breached and shattered. Window Security Film combats many of the issues that come with glass windows and doors.

Security Film makes it harder for intruders to breach through glass, and it requires a more substantial amount of force and effort, by the intruder, to break through the film. If intruders do break through the glass with security film installed, the glass does not shatter; but, instead holds together making it much more difficult for someone to create a large enough opening to fit their hand through.

Thieves that are experienced know how to break into a home, and even tempered, glass doors and windows can be easily broken by glass-breaking tools that can be easily purchased. Intruders can break into your home unnoticed while you are awake and busy doing your normal routine such as listening to music or watching a movie. This is a fear of many homeowners and business owners, especially during this time when offices are empty and we are all confined to our homes.

Increase Your Safety

There is no way to ensure that we are 100% safe and that our businesses will be left untouched when we return, security window film can help. But what kind of security window film is best? When it comes to security film for your home and your office, you need to consider a few different things during your decision-making process. First, consider the type of windows/glass you have that you will be applying the film to. Double pane windows benefit from security film, but you may want to opt for a thicker film if you are dealing with single pane windows.

In general, single pane windows are going to be far easier to break through than double pane or tempered glass windows. Therefore, optimal protection will come from a larger mil security film. Pro-Tect Film services Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson and surrounding areas and installs the best quality window film for home and office.


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XPEL VISION Home and Office Window Film Series

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Pro-Tect Film offers security film in three different thicknesses; 8Mil, 12Mil, and 15Mil. For offices we suggest going with 12mil or 15Mil thickness because thieves will typically have more time to break into an establishment without interruption.

Thickness Matters

When it comes to homes, we recommend 12Mil or 15Mil for windows and doors that are easily accessible, such as downstairs windows and doors. For upstairs windows and doors, you can choose an 8Mil security film, because those are less likely to be the ideal entry way for intruders and thieves. If you have tempered glass or double pane windows on your home or office and are just looking for that added layer of security, opt for 8Mil which will give you peace of mind.

Security window film can help you keep your property, family, and investments safe. If you have any questions about home window film or office film, please let us know. Don’t wait until you experience a loss before you make the choice to install film on your home or office glass windows and doors. Give the professionals at Pro-tect Film a call today for a free, no hassle estimate to get protected.



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